Metal Building Homes Cost

Basic Steel Home package comes with following items.
  • 18" x 12 Ga. Red iron Columns for exterior walls as per engineering design.
  • 28" x 12 Ga. Red iron Rafters as per engineering design.
  • 38" x 12 Ga. Red iron Ceiling beams / 10”x12 Ga. Red iron Floor beams (Second floor) as per engineering design.
  • 44" x 16 Ga. / 8" x 16 Ga. Red iron Stub columns as per engineering design.
  • 5"C" 8" x 16 Ga. / "Z" 8" ”x 16 Ga. Red iron floor joists for second floor, as per engineering design.
  • 62-1/2" roof purlins 16 Ga. / 18 Ga. As per engineering design.
  • 7Light Ga. Steel sub facia for overhang & soffit framing.
  • 8Light Ga. Steel sub facia for overhang & soffit framing.
  • 91-1/2" x 20 Ga. Ceiling furring.
  • 108", 6" & 3-5/8" - 20 Ga. Light ga.steel studs for exterior, interior & plumbing walls.
  • 11Light Ga. Steel tracks for exterior, interior & Plumbing walls.
  • 12Fastners: Connection bolts for Red iron members, proper fastners for roof purlins, ceiling furrings, sub facia framing, exterior walls, interior walls & plumbing walls framing, exterior wall sheathing, roof sheathing & floor decking.
  • 13Steel Home Kit with (3) three sets of construction drawings including Anchor Bolt Layout / Details to the scale (22" x 34" sheet size).
Additional / Optional Services
  • First floor system over basement / crawl space concrete wall.
  • Walkout basement, red iron dormers, Scissor frames for vaulted ceilings as per engineering design.
  • As our steel homes are designed by professional engineers, Sealed drawings & design calculations will be provided in US including California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, New York, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas & Iowa.