Why Steel Building Homes?

Safety Safety


Number one criteria of Steel Frame Home is greater protection to your entire family during Tornados, Hurricanes and Thunderstorms.
Our steel frame homes are stronger than wood structures. Our Metal Home Design flexibility, using steel members withstands Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes & Heavy snow.

Termite Resistance Termite Resistance

Termite Resistance

Steel is impervious material which termites & wood boring insets can not eat or chew. Structural damages can be avoided by using Steel members.

Fire Resistance Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance

Steel Framed Residential Homes will not burn with regular fire & it will not allow spreading fire. Family & loved ones considerably get enough time to escape & get time to arrange Fire Extinguishes & save remaining structure.

Flexible Flexible


Steel Frame House can be designed with clear span to get "Open Floor Custom Floor Plan" feelings

Savings Savings


As steel members will not burn & support combustion, you may save more money for "Home Insurance"

Energy Efficient Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Our "Red Iron Steel Homes" with 8" Ext. walls, you can use R-30. This will save your money in a longer run & you will get higher comfort level inside the house.

Quality Quality


It is hard to get straight wood members in the market. Our Steel members will not wrap, crack, rot, shrink or twist which will allow you to construct straight walls, perfect ceilings & square corners for the floors. Our connection bolts will not come apart with the edge. These steel members have consistent quality for a safer structure.

Safety Safety

No Mold development:

Steel members do not support the growth of Mold.